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I placed an order through DoorDash on or around the evening of March 30, 2018. DoorDash is the company I gave my credit card information to - which to me makes them the responsible party.

On March 31 I found fraudulent charges of $149.00 on my credit card. I immediately notified the credit card provider of the fraudulent charges, closed the account, and ordered a new card.

In a follow up call with the credit card provider, I found out that whoever had STOLEN my credit card number had continued to attempt fraudulent charges on the account.

I also immediately notified DoorDash of this situation. Today is April 8 and to date I have had exactly NO RESPONESE from Door Dash other than the automated response their system sends.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

DoorDash Cons: Credit card number theft.

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DoorDash have stolen my credit card info and used it TWICE!!! I know it is their employees.


Door Dash didn't steal your credit card information, really just think about it for a second, what good what that do for them? Your credit card information was stolen in some other way, prob because you entered the information on a shady website and was sold on the dark web.

This is a current problem doordash faces, as many people have been using stolen credit cards to order large amounts of food delivered to someone else's door. Maybe too hard a concept for you to understand as you throw the blame directly at doordash employees, as if they wouldn't expect you to chargeback that amount with your provider...


Just had similar experience. Placed an order.

Nervous looking woman delivers food. Someone tries to take $200 out of our account at a nearby ATM a little while later.


The drivers don't get access to your card info, when we go to pick up a order it just tells us that either the order is paid for or we have to pay with the "red card" that door dash issues us. The "customer service" agents are sketch as heck, almost useless and barely speak English plus steal tips from us, hence a class action lawsuit that has been filled. (And not the first one they've faced) Glad the attempt at the ATM was unsuccessful, Here's to hoping the rest of us get our money.


It's a inside job. They outsource their call centers and this is where this scam and the scam to take drivers earnings came from.


Just had a similar situation