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Customer service
Turnaround Time

Firstly, a restaurant, either has their own drivers, or gladly pay a percentage of the meal, to a third party , because they are bringing in business, that the restaurant would not otherwise have.

So, it is wrong, shameful, and quite likely illegal, to charge more, than actual menu prices.

Some items are about twice the cost.

Then, $7 for delivery, is exhorbitant.

Without exception, every order I have received, from DD, was botched up, and badly, all from top restaurants.

I can't believe it, DD, actually has a person, call in the order, and never accurately describes notes, such as " no bell peppers".

The order should be in writing, as the customer wrote it.

A rip off.

They do re sell the food.

I am 2 blocks from PF Changs, and I ordered at non peak times.

Takes 80 minutes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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