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I placed an order for delivery and was surprised when the restaurant only had a doordash option as I thought they had their own personal delivery person... Anyway I was always skeptical about a random person delivering food that was not associated with the restaurant ordered from but the restaurant was only 5mins away so I thought I'd give it a try for the 1st time.

After creating my DD account and putting in my credit card info I was notified in real time about my order. Delivery was estimated 45min but 40min later my realtime display was showing delivered at 4:53pm and here it is 5:05pm??? I left 2 phone numbers for the driver to call upon arrival but received no calls no delivery NOTHING.... I'm out my money and order and have no one to complain to but a live chat session with DD that has been saying "attempting to reach driver" for the past 30+ minutes.

My drivers name was Maria and thats all I know. SCAM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fact that i was scammed out of my order and my money.

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F them. I placed an order over two hours ago and next thing I know it’s cancelled, no fore warning, and now I’m afraid they won’t refund my money. Now everything is closed and I’m starving


If you go to help and click on any of the following issues they prompt you to , you recieve door dash credits they won’t give you money on your original form of payment but they’ll give you credits I’ve had to do it twice but they always double what you paid

to Nicole #1596315

if you doing it on a desktop and they offer you credits, and you click 'more options' you can get an immediate refund to your card.


Same problem same amount lost to from 7/18/18 to current date have not been refunded.


Doordash drivers are independent contractors, and not direct employees of Doordash. This makes it difficult for the Dasher because they are not getting paid enough per delivery, and customers don't know.

Many Doordash drivers are victims of scam, because scammers are stealing away orders through online. Many drivers have gotten their money stolen by scammers.

I think this person named "Maria" was part of the scam. I hope Doordash fixes this serious problem soon because everyone, Dasher and customer, are being affected.


door dash is 100% a scam businessthey list restaurants that have never asked to be listed and then take orders.then they try to convince the restaurants to stay with themTHEY ARE 100% SCAM ARTISTS, STAY AWAY


I never heard of DoorDash.com until DoorDash.com caused a pending $00.00 charge to occur on my credit card ... so, is DoorDash.com real or a scam !!!


I'm I doordasher and I'm sorry for what happened in your case if I was your driver for that order I would of made sure u got it. What most likely happened is that your order was passed over by several dashers so when she got the order was already late.

Therefore she probably dropped it. The thing is we are not paid by hour we are paid by delivery we are promised a certain amount 1 dollar from doordash And then the rest to be covered by tip. Most of the time we are driving and lucky to receive 2 deliveries an hour. On average the most we get is 6 dollars per delivery math added up we usually don't even hit mw.

I worked 8 hours last night got 45 dollars for my labor. Doordash pay model pays us very little for your orders.

It's no excuse for what happened to you but I hope it sheds some light on why it happened. The fact is most likely she was offered very little for the order so she probably dropped it and no other doordasher was able or willing to take it.


doordash is a scam I drive for doordash and they have their customer support Representatives change your direct deposit information on Sunday night so you don't get paid Monday morning until after you've already figured out that they've stolen all your money it's too late

to Kameron kennedy #1479658

Yes it's true, I had a call from a fake customer service number and hacked into my account and stole my pay. Doordash is a joke. Customer service is from the Philippines, and these bastards can't help you, worst company to work for.

to Bouvier Michelle #1532687

Hi please contact me with your contact info and story to jalbs21@gmail.com. I have a very similar story that happened to me and I am starting a class action lawsuit. Again it’s jalbs21@gmail.com

to Josh #1542623

Im a dasher for doordash and I just got scammed by doordash and would like to get some help in dealing with this. For almost $500. Please call me 657-358-8686

to Josh #1551382

Hi, I am in communication with a lawyer about starting a law suit. She has already successfully sued DoorDash about the classification of drivers as independent contractors.

I actually sent you an email.

I am trying to get together a large group of Dashers for a class action suit. The more people that ban together for the suit the batter, this unethical company should not get away with this.

to Anonymous #1554502

They got my money too and I want to be in the group for the law suit

to Bouvier Michelle #1559692

I have the same problem and the lady of support team asnwered my questions very confused me. I dont get the answer I want to hear.

to Kameron kennedy #1507029

Yes it happen to me too.

to Anonymous #1531947

got me too :(

to Kameron kennedy #1532688

Hi please contact me with your contact info and story to jalbs21@gmail.com. I have a very similar story that happened to me and I am starting a class action lawsuit. Again it’s jalbs21@gmail.com

to Josh #1560837

I sent you an email. I got scammed out of my money.

I also went 3 hours without a delivery in an area that was marked bright red. If it was busy like the mapped marked it I don't understand why I didn't get a single delivery.


Sir go to app in order open that order on top there would be help click there and select option missing items all then submit instant they will give you offer accept a credit you can select that or there will be still need help click there will see 3 option refund to card or reorder or something else select refund to card money will be sent back

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