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I placed an order for delivery and was surprised when the restaurant only had a doordash option as I thought they had their own personal delivery person... Anyway I was always skeptical about a random person delivering food that was not associated with the restaurant ordered from but the restaurant was only 5mins away so I thought I'd give it a try for the 1st time.

After creating my DD account and putting in my credit card info I was notified in real time about my order. Delivery was estimated 45min but 40min later my realtime display was showing delivered at 4:53pm and here it is 5:05pm??? I left 2 phone numbers for the driver to call upon arrival but received no calls no delivery NOTHING.... I'm out my money and order and have no one to complain to but a live chat session with DD that has been saying "attempting to reach driver" for the past 30+ minutes.

My drivers name was Maria and thats all I know. SCAM!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DoorDash Cons: Fact that i was scammed out of my order and my money.

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all the food delivery places are scams people. I worked all the platforms.

They steel your money.

They do not pay the driver all the money. They force tips and on top of that they place a surge charge already for the delivery service.


Door Dash ripped me off online, used my debit card and charged 764.24 for an online alarm system (and other items). And they gave out my cell phone number. This is a bad place, with bad people running it.


Same thing happened to me. They *** into some restaurants website and take your money but when I contacted the restaurant they said they do not nor ever will use door dash.


same exact thing happened to me.


Same here. Scammed by fake order and 20$ while I was working at work and got delivery notifications.

Tried everything to cancel it hut there is absolutely positively no way to cancel orders.

Needless to say they took my money, didn’t get my food. And can’t do anything about it.


The whole company is a scam.




Same thing here no one to complain to. No one that can help


Door dash is a scam and I believe the door dash company is doing the scam as well


I literally just ordered from Pizza Hut who also used doordash to deliver. I never received order Driver lied texting that already delivered. These delivery apps all need to go, they abuse customers charging extra for stealing


Doordash is a scam. I was a dasher and they switched my account info and claimed I gave out my information. They owe me about 300 dollars which they refuse to pay.


That’s happening to me right now. What should I do ?

@Devra Quo

This is happening to me as well, someone hacked my account and changed my bank info so my direct deposit went to them.


Why are they listing restaurants that don’t want to be listed???? Same thing happened to me today, I placed an order then got a call saying the restaurant cancelled the order but would be refunded DoorDash credit. I just called my bank and disputed the transaction.


It's always fun reading comments about *** blaming the company for their own sheer stupidity. LOL.

Don't you guys have any common sense? Try reading about scammers on the internet instead of blaming others for your own stupidity if you've been scammed- By the way try to use google it's free.




I had the same experience as the others reporting ordering and having to call back to the merchant because the item was never delivered all that was reported delivered. My money was eventually refunded, and phony apologies were made, along with statements like "these things happen sometimes." I believe this comment to her that I am responding to is part of the scam


Doordash really is a scam this is clearly one of the only 2 total people who work for the company



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