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I placed an order for delivery and was surprised when the restaurant only had a doordash option as I thought they had their own personal delivery person... Anyway I was always skeptical about a random person delivering food that was not associated with the restaurant ordered from but the restaurant was only 5mins away so I thought I'd give it a try for the 1st time.

After creating my DD account and putting in my credit card info I was notified in real time about my order. Delivery was estimated 45min but 40min later my realtime display was showing delivered at 4:53pm and here it is 5:05pm??? I left 2 phone numbers for the driver to call upon arrival but received no calls no delivery NOTHING.... I'm out my money and order and have no one to complain to but a live chat session with DD that has been saying "attempting to reach driver" for the past 30+ minutes.

My drivers name was Maria and thats all I know. SCAM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Cons: Fact that i was scammed out of my order and my money.

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Yes it happen to me too.


got me too :(


Hi please contact me with your contact info and story to jalbs21@***.com. I have a very similar story that happened to me and I am starting a class action lawsuit. Again it’s jalbs21@***.com


I sent you an email. I got scammed out of my money.

I also went 3 hours without a delivery in an area that was marked bright red. If it was busy like the mapped marked it I don't understand why I didn't get a single delivery.


Sir go to app in order open that order on top there would be help click there and select option missing items all then submit instant they will give you offer accept a credit you can select that or there will be still need help click there will see 3 option refund to card or reorder or something else select refund to card money will be sent back


dude, you're engrishh. get it?


I used doordash few days ago. It shows delivery fee for free at list of restaurants.

But it changed delivery fee for $6.99 when I login for payment, and it didn't tell me that total was changed!!


Also, check taxes and fees, you are being charged 2 delivery fees


I placed an order and once I completed the order I received an oops response. I checked my account and found that door dash received the transaction without delivering services.

There was no way for me to contact the merchant so I had to call my back to cancel the transaction. I am very disappointed and I will not recommend this app to anyone.


yeah appears to be a scam, however people some times have some claims about the most ridiculous things, people want to have someone to pick up or order and pick up food without any charge, lazy and dumb people that thinks that this kind of services are for free, people that think that for a few dollars someone will do a line for them pay for parking, and get the food to their homes and that the person that delivers only have their order to take care of, what about the fact that the delivery service pick up from places that are not fast food and it requires time for the restaurant to get the food done, and that some times specially in weekend those restaurant are packed of customers , no! however some lazy dumb whats his food in 1hr, there is people that order special instructions that restaurants do not follow and doordash gets the blame, so other dumbs think that doordash makes the food and that poorfood QA is doordash fault, yeah the company is run by people so it will fail, however the problem is the poor education and airhead fill customers that exist, and I am sorry to say USA is filled with them, people that confuse rights with wishes, and that still have the wrong idea that the customer is always right, this kind of thinking is poor and leads to have lazy, non educated and non racional customers.


Communication is the key word with this type of business..........In my situation there was NONE.

@Gerianne Did

Rich this is EXACTLY what happened to me in August. Your review is almost word for word what mine was. They can not be reached and I am still out the money.


So people are automatically lazy/dumb if they use doordash? How about people that travel for work have to share vehicles and don't want to bother their coworkers on the weekends to get the keys?

When you start insulting the customer regardless of who they are you start walking on very thin ice. I am just doing my research before placing my first order to see if there are a lot of issues with them or not a post like yours (although I can't tell directly if you work for the service or if you are trying to steer people away from the service) doesn't leave a good impression that what you write has any real meat to it or not.


Before calling someone "no educated" (it is actually uneducated), check your grammar. Also, rational is spelled with a "t" and the proper word is irrational.


Well while that might be true, without these “dumb lazy” customers, you would be out of a job...


Contact your credit card company tell them about it and screenshot the chat and send it to them. They will refund the disputed amount to your card and deal with the company.

Ive done it many times when a place has messed up and wont refund or answer me.

People quickly resolve the issue when they realize there was a chargeback and theyre not getting paid. Theyll deal with the driver then.


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