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Update by user Dec 08, 2016

After speaking with a senior level manager, this issue was resolved. The company acknowledged that their lack of communication and action needed improvement.

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2016

Someone hacked my account and ordered $200+ in food at 2am in another state. I called Doordash immediately to let them know this was fraud.

After numerous calls following up regarding the status, I never received a call back from anyone at Doordash. I called again, this time they pinned the issue on me saying I let a friend order on doordash using my account! Seriously? I let someone use my account at 5AM CST when they were ordering at 2AM.

Hey Doordash, WAKE UP, someone inside your company is stealing customer's money. This is called Fraud and I will open an official complaint with the BBB regarding this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $210.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DoorDash Cons: Fraud.

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This happened to me 11/3. $200 order 3000 miles away on the other side of the country.

Still waiting to hear back from them.

Reported to the CC company first, and then realized when I checked DD the address was added to my address book as well included a note to text an alternate phone number. I rarely use them, and the fact that no warning flags were set off someone trying to order 5 large pizzas and wings for 200 buck 3000 miles away.


As I type right now at 2:30pm October 30, 2018, there is a fraudulent order in process from Home Run Inn being delivered to 6000 S. Central Ave., Chicago, IL .

The card being used in not mine. It is from a prior boss that I must have had saved on my account. There is no way to stop this.

No number to call and complain. Any suggestions?


I used Door Dash for the first time Wednesday morning to have breakfast delivered. Within three hours after that $2000 in merchandise was charged to my card.

My CC company recognized it as fraud, and informed me that someone at Door Dash apparently had stolen my card information. I will not use them ever again.

I don't know how to contact them, nor do I have the time to contact them, but beware if you use them. They better investigate and fix the problem or they will be out of business soon!


Hi. How did you get your issue resolved with door dash?

I am very angry over the fact that I was hacked Sunday night by someone for about 100 dollars worth of food at KFC by an bunch of college students, as the food went to an college. Door dash team know that i was hacked and it’s been 5 days and they are still working on the issue. I have to call to follow up as they do nothing about contacting me regarding the status. Customer service keeps on delaying the time where there investigation department will contact me.

First it was 72 hours, now another 3 or 4 days for them to resolve the issue. Ridiculous! The charge was being held on my account and half way through the week they released the charge anyway taking the 100 dollar amount out of my banking account.

I am fed up with them, as they have proof on the matter. The people who hacked me left the phone number on my account, and door dash is telling me that they won’t refund me and they are working on the issue, trying to resolve the problem, and trying to reach an solution before they will refund me!


Was the food delivered to 201 Sage St in Davis, CA by any chance? When my account got hacked, that’s where it was delivered. It’s on a college campus.


The same thing just happened to me!!! Stay away from door dash!!!

My bank contacted me with a fraud alert asking to approve an large amount that they said was unusual for my past spending.. over 350$ was spent... it's 3am in the morning going to call door dash in the morning and hopefully resolve this issue.. but from this persons experience..

it looks like that might not happen Never using door dash again! And I'm definitely spreading the word on social media to my large following!


Yeah, sounds like you are trying to commit fraud. Why announce that though?


You really have no idea what you're talking about. Just stop.