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I think with Doordash food comes super fast the algorithm allows for a perfectly timed delivery.As a car Dasher I'm usually 10 - 15 mins early then the total time expected, however, come instances where I'm left buzzing the door or calling the customer which ends up wasting 10 sometimes 20 minutes and it's terrible, because time is money, your food is getting cold and when you finally show up you just take the food like nothing happened.

I don't expect an apology at all, just some courtesy and acknowledgement. Dashers do their best to do what's best for the customers, seriously it's what makes the job great.

Please be considerate enough to a) expect the Dasher to come around the proposed time or earlier b) be detailed and clear with the delivery information c) make life easy for you and I Dashers are human beings with lifes, careers and hobbies just like you, and they happen to bring you food right to your house "Be Cool Mates".We love you all

Reason of review: Happy for another reason.

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