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A restaurant owner told me today that he hates Doordash because they make it look like they're affiliated with his restaurant, when they are not.Doordash calls in the order like anyone else, then charges exorbitant fees that *** off his customers.

It's unethical and unfair, and I will never use them for anything. If you do use them, prepare to pay both a "Delivery Fee" and a "Service Charge". Common sense would tell you that these are the same thing, but Doordash figures that if they call them different names people will be dumb enough to pay for them. In my case, I was thinking of ordering a pizza from a place a mile away.

Doordash wanted to tack on $4.99 and $4.88, for a nearly $10 upcharge. Throw in a normal tip for the driver and the $21 pizza I was ordering would have cost me nearly $37 (don't forget tax, kids!).

These guys at Doordash are the worst of the worst.What a racket.

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I don't work for Doordash, but if they don't add on the fees, how do you expect the drivers or the people placing your order for you to get paid?It's not a scam, it's just that you think $10 is too much to pay for the convenience of eating out without having to put on pants or get off your couch.

There is a difference.I think it's safe to say you've simply been priced out of the market.

to Anonymous #1250549

Those "fees" are NOT going to the workers or drivers. Trust me! Maybe to their outsourced team but definitely not to the workers here in the US.

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