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Tried ordering doordash last night but was having some trouble with card and orders never went anywhere. Turns out doordash pulled $29.58 out of my checking account 9 TIMES!

That equals $266.22. Not one of those orders got to the resturant and no food showed at my door...but i was out $266.22, until the funds would be released...hopefully by Friday...After 6 calls with doordash, 3 of those calls my bank, USAA, participated in. I'm still out $266.22 till the magical release day. On the last 36 minute phone call with doordash and USAA, I was magically disconnected.

Never getting a return call from James. I spoke to 5 supervisors/managers today, each one told me something different, but in order to get to a supervisor i had to repeat the problem over and over again. The 5 supervisors i spoke with are Alex, Ken extension 3110 (never found Ken, told no such thing as an extension) Louis, AJ and finally James. I spent almost 3 hours today trying to get my money back, while trying to work at the same time.

Because this has happened my account has gone negative and made items bounce.

I have not asked for free anything during this. I simply want my money back and to close my account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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