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DoorDash is an unethical company who takes complete advantage of their drivers.They only pay you $5 a delivery, send you 20 -25+ miles per call, and now because many restaurants don't take phone orders, send their drivers to restaurants to order and wait up to 45 minutes for food to be ready.

If you refuse, they give you a bad completion rating. So most drivers without a customers tip, makes about $5 an hour. If you add gas, time and having to pay your taxes (we are independent contractors), that puts us in the hole. They are to cheap to offer an employee status, or any benefits.

So if you get sick or hurt, you have no safety net. Many are students and single parents trying to make enough income to pay their bills. Meanwhile Doordash adds more money to food menu items, and service fees to their customers yet doesn't pass any of that on to their drivers. Customers are not the only one who cannot contact customer service by phone, drivers do not have a contact number to reach them either.

Sometimes if there's a problem with an order, it takes Doordash up to 20 minutes to respond. Many times I have noticed Doordash gets customers orders wrong, or is slow to order. Which of course sets the drivers up for bad customer ratings. They also provide incorrect customer addresses and will change customers orders without communicating this to their drivers.

I've made over 200 deliveries and I'm appalled at how little concern they have for the customers. One time they called a ladies order in and waited over an hour to send out a delivery request. By the time I got there, the food was cold and the restaurant said it had been sitting there for like an hour. Doordash thought I should still deliver it, and only after I refused, did they agree to pay for the restaurant to cook the food fresh again.

I had to ask them, "would you want to eat cold food that's been sitting for an hour that you paid almost $40 for?".

Please stop supporting this company and use somebody else.Atleast then they will be forced to either make changes or go out of business.

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It may have taken you 200 deliveries, but I think you now understand how delivery drivers are treated. It is a talentless job, and therefore the pay will be horrible.

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So that makes their behavior ok then right?It's not a mindless job, and with attitudes like yours who accept unethical business behavior as a matter of fact, nothing will ever change.

The fact that you feel being demeaning rather holding businesses like this accountable, speaks volumes.Go troll somebody else.

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