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You may have heard of or used food delivery services like DoorDash.I used DoorDash quite a bit until last week when suddenly the delivery person asked me for ID.

When I asked why, he said he didn't know, that it was the first time it was marked in the system. I wondered if it had to to with proving that a customer was over 18, which seemed odd, since it is none of their business and I am in my 60's and look it and all I ordered was a veggie burger & fries. But what happened next turned me to reach out to you - he then said he needed to SCAN MY ID. I immediately declined the order and insisted that he find out why he was asking me for this.

He said he couldn't reach his head office so he left. Shortly afterwards DoorDash called me from Palo Alto. I explained the situation and they could not explain it or change it. I asked for an assurance that others were not being asked to SCAN THEIR PERSONAL ID for food delivery.

She ignored this and said I could get a refund for my order, which I never received anyway (around $20). The next day I called DoorDash to close my account. I thought this would be a simple and logical next step. I went from puzzled to irate!

I WAS TOLD THAT I CANNOT CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. It would have to be "escalated" to corporate and they would review my request, which is standard procedure. I asked if they were sure that a customer cannot simply close their own account at will. They said it was impossible.

I checked and there is nothing on their web site. To be sure I called back several times and was shunted off to various operators who gave me false information, inactive emails, and empty assurances that my request would be escalated and dealt with within 48 hours. It is now 5 days later. I called again and was told that the file did not show priority, so someone would eventually get to it.

I asked the operator to note my very strong objection. i realize that this is not a life threatening situation but don't you find the very idea that 1) a delivery person can SCAN YOUR PERSONAL ID (for a veggie burger) and 2) a customer CANNOT close their account (with their credit card and other personal data) without corporate permission and 3) that they are unreachable beyond first contact operators. I was told that there is no corporate phone number or email (I tried to find it online to no avail). Can you help look into how a delivery service in Toronto, owned by a company in Palo Alto can put the safety and security of people here at risk in such a manner.

And get them to close my account. I assume that I have been flagged as a trouble maker as with every new call I became more and more outraged. It takes ALOT to get my gander up. This has done it.

It freaked me out to think that I could not close my account and that others may give up their personal ID to a stranger on a bike for no reason.And what other seemingly innocent companies are getting away with this.

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I didn't like: No way to easily contact customer service, Crappy service and rude interaction.

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Call the credit card company that you pay DoorDash with. Ask them to please stop payment to DoorDash, providing you pay a monthly fee. They'll get the hint REAL quick!

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