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I received an email notifying me that there was a "glitch" and i was charged repeatedly for 5 minutes, continuously. That was last Friday.

Today, it's Tuesday, no status, no replies to my emails from DoorDash and I am still out the $1,359.00 they STOLE from my checking account. I have attached proof in the form of my bank statement still showing the amount they stole and have not returned. Any person I can save from having this happen to is worth writing this.

It is now the first and i'm out half my rent money while they figure this out. I will never use them again, sorriest customer service ever!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1359.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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What is the customer service phone number?


I got hung up on by the driver after being told that the restaurant was closed. I asked about a refund and was hung up on.

Called customer service and asked to speak to a manager and again was hung up, this happened 2 more times before I finally talk to someone. Was told the refund would be there in 2-3 days however I checked my account almost 7 days later and found I was charged twice and still have not been given a refund


It happened to me ordering dinner theatre tickets - the dinner theatre said check my institution as they did not issue two sets of tickets but my institution doubled billed me after the website failed and I called in the order assuring me the order did not go through via the web. My debit card number was stolen recently using too so my bank had to reissue me another debit card. Cybercrime is running a muck and the system should be chucked as far as I am concerned if it creates such a mess.


Everything you say is true. But there are many of these smart apps popping up already and the IRS are working on these issues as well.

You will have to file a form for a "Sharing Economy" and I keep reading articles about Universal Basic Income. Is this a sign of the times as it seems to go on a lot these days.


OMG. This is not good for their business and sorry to hear that. Many companies are being hacked and I think Trump is assemblying people from tech companies to address these issues.


call your bank


Trust me it's no glitch, thats the same thing they tell us drivers when they steal our payouts from us.

I would suggest you get an attorney because you will never see the money again if you don't, they are a very young company and have no sense of moral responsibility towards correcting any issues caused by DoorDash.

You can read my full review o this site about it.

DoorDash Abuse of Drivers - A response to a pissed customer - The truth about Driving for DoorDash

F Rating at the BBB

No I would not recommend DoorDash to anyone there are many issue with this company.

The driver is takes on the brunt of the blame. The worst thing that could happen would be a driver delivering alcohol to someone underage, much less getting injured, sick, or worth something fatal happening to a minor or someone else. Trust me DoorDash will never take responsibility for it, but will definitely profit from it and find a way to blame the driver.  If they can't address the many issues they have already why would anyone expect DoorDash to use integrity with this new feature.

First off lets get the facts straight. The drivers are not allowed to check the containers, they are only allowed to deliver what is given to then and thats it. Second DoorDash is a middle man, with an app service and a call center. They don't prepare the food, they just provide a service, to deliver the food.

They are based in California with a call center that calls in your orders. As a matter of fact most orders are screwed up though the call center first and then at the restaurant second. The driver has nothing to do with that at all. Most restaurants don't have a clue DoorDash even placed an order because DoorDash uses some very unethical practices, one of them being: listing restaurants which they have no working relationship with or agreement at all in their app.

Two calling in under your name or an assumed name. They don't even want most drivers to say they are from DoorDash if the order is from a non partner restaurant and that just the beginning of the shadiness. Such as price hikes, very little screening most drivers, stealing wages, penalizing drivers for app based malfunctions, ect, ect, ect. The list is very long.

I wont even get into how horrible the Dasher app is for the drivers. The many issues of missing pay when you only get 5 dollars a delivery and make less that min wage ( for the record we don't get 100% of the tips if you only get one or two order per hour: $5 + 10% tip of a $10 order = $6 per hour less than min wage). The false advertisement of tips when you only get a 1 dollar tip after being told to go 20 miles out the way to pick up a 10 dollar order will take an hour. Even if you are lucky to be in a Zone or market (which aren't many) where you get a base min of $10 + tips it still doesn't happen because they include the tip as part of the base to make it $10 ($5 +$1 tip= $6+$4 extra pay = $10 notice the tip is no longer a tip its calculated as part of the base it should be $11).

So in actuality they stole the tip from you. Plus the fact that the order was never placed or ready when you get there, but yet a driver is supposed to get it to the customer within an hour and its 20 miles back in the other direction across the city, which isn't even in your designated Dash Zone. So if you think you have problems with customer support, get in line.... There are literally hundreds to now thousands of drivers still waiting to hear from support about missing pay, missing hours, and horrible support service and most of all a driver Dasher app so unusable, that a five year old could design one better than (

Which by the way the app doesn't even include any of the features it claims to help driver. It all more false claims by DoorDash. There is now a large group of drivers coming out to expose DoorDash for the crooks they really are and banning together for a class action suite. So consider your self lucky if you are only missing two items and got a coupon.

It's a whole lot better than missing two week worth of wages, from DoorDash Just google DoorDash Driver Complaints. Employee Complaints, or In and Out Burger Sues, DoorDash, BBB rating F, Rip Off Report just for a start.


I was actually just fighting with support about this yesterday. She told me that there is no reason I should have a break down of tips per day or person because "my government" isn't supposed to tax tips.

When I tried to explain to her that regardless of what they think the IRS still considers this income and is taxable, she hung up on me! We have no contact information other than a chat line because and I quote "people were abusing the open line" Also was informed that the amount you see as your guaranteed pay is actually the customer tip with $1.99 added to it from doordash. I did some serious money crunching before those figures were given to me, on average total with tip I make around 9.00 an hour. I barely break even when you add in my gas.

My tires are bald and oil change is way overdue. Don't get me wrong I actually like the job just not the customer or dasher support systems. I had a manager from a pick up tell me that they hardly receive notice there's an order in so if their system crashes, we suffer by being late and our customer rating is docked for it. Also, customers are no longer allowed to tip cash!?

I have been doing this since January when it opened in my area and have only received 4 bucks in cash. CUSTOMERS PLEASE TIP CASH SO THIS COMPANY PAYS US AND WE CAN PAY OUR TAXES. Plus it's nice to have cash when we are running low on funding. Last thing, I am not sure about other states, but where I live our "extra pay" is only a dollar during lunch some days, $1.50 evenings, and then north of me they are getting $5-$7 more!!

Is anyone else's area like this? Please someone let me know.


Omg!!!! Now I have seen it all as a support agent.

I cannot believe this happened to you!!!!! Same to the person who was charged $6300....I sure hope that you got your money back.


OMG! I would be so livid! This makes me not want to ever use them.


I am curious have they refunded your money?


We were using the DoorDash service every week or every other week for the past few months at my job. When submitting office expenses at the end of last month, I noticed a charge from DoorDash on our credit card statement that we didn't have any receipts confirming we'd made such purchase.

I contacted DoorDash several times until someone finally responded and told me to contact my financial institution. I did. When I went to try to log onto my DoorDash account this week, I was unable to because my account had been 'deactived'. When I contacted DoorDash about the deactivation, their response was that I had violated the Terms and Conditions by filing a dispute for the charge.

Needless to say, we will no longer be using DoorDash anymore - because they turned out to be a bunch of crooks. Be careful and keep track of your charges if you use them.


I was affected by the same glitch and ended up being charged around $6,300 total. I opened a claim with Wells Fargo and called Doordash and eventually my money was returned but I’m as frustrated as you are. I am not sure if I should call Doordash and demand free service or just put it behind me and be done with this joke of a company.


The point is that DoorDash is unethical by not warning me of the problem and the EXACT ammount that should be yanked from My account over a glitch that by the way is not My fault. Is it too much to ask to at least give a *** about us drivers?

According to the way this company handles business makes me want to do a peacefull protest outside every recruiting meeting. I wonder how many drivers like myself have been screwed over thanks to the *** poor business prácticas . It is only a matter of time before justice takes its toll. Go to *** and rot.

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On Oct 17, 2016 2:59 PM, DoorDash wrote:


Kyleigh (DoorDash) Oct 17, 2:59 PM PDT Hi Ramiro, Thank you for your patience.

I just wanted to reach out and confirm that the overdraft fees charged to your bank account have been reimbursed. The funds were deposited into your account on 10/11. We apologize for the issue and want to thank you again for your understanding during this process. Sincerely, Thanks, Kyleigh DoorDash Customer Care Dasher Help Center [J9G73G-29L0] Yep they stole 417 from me.

Lets start a class action.