I work for DoorDash and im sorry to say but DoorDash needs to at least interview these people to see if they can actually perform or even speak any sort of customer services skills.. For one my driver wouldn't have been late if he knew how to communicate.. He called me 10 minutes late of my delivery time! Fyi I'm always 10 to 15 min early! Wth?

To say the least.. I ordered my hamburger well and it came to me done. After i nuked it!

I can see DoorDash as a great oportunity for the more passive aggressive attitudes, but please do communicate! I can also see where the companies advancement could exceed much further if they actually took into consideration a more professional expectation.. Such as a great customer experience! When i asked him how i could have made it easier for him to find me, he just said, "yeah yeah here is food ha....ha".. Wheres the love?? Haha

Though, its been great working with you... Other than a couple times...

I'll be looking forward to another paycheck!

AKA The Dashmeister

Location: Mountain View, California

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