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They're horrible with getting it right while you're trying to get on board with working with them, they tell you have major violations on your driving record when you have a simple "failed to turn on a right turn sign", then they say I have 2 years of driving experience when I have 22 years, and they won't send personal emails, they're sending prepared ones which is another reason why they can't get it right, they support is comparable to Lyft and maybe they shouldn't be offering any work if they can communicate effectively?

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The reviews about DoorDash are REALLY bad! I wouldn't use them to order food delivery and I wouldn't work for them either!

They have only been in business for 3 years and already have over 500 complaints at this website alone and a ton of complaints with the BBB. The have a 1 star rating on yelp. The have a lot rating on glassdoor (2.2 out of 5.0).

In case you didn't know, glassdoor is a review site for former/current employees to post about their experiences working and interviewing. BE sure to sign up with glassdoor (it's free) and post about your interview/work experiences.


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