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Let's start by saying that the up charge by doordash is awful.But on Saturday night my gf and I decided to get wings from a restaurant called "long Wongs" the food was dropped off by the driver.

I get an email from Bank of America about unusual transaction on my card. Well door dash charged me the original 60 bucks (I was not thrilled about that price, my gf kept it hush) and then another $62.xx I had to deny the verify that the second charge was not authorized by me so b of a cancelled my card so I was cashless all weekend.

I won't be using doordash again...ever.

Review about: Doordash Food Delivery Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same here.This has happened twice within two months.

I order frequently, maybe they thought I wouldn't notice. Doordash used to be accurate, professional and timely when they "made a mistake". No longer true. Last month, they said they would refund me if I sent them a copy of my bank statement.

I replied that I would gladly do so after they sent me the copy of their own bank statements. This time, I was asked to provide the credit card number in addition to other information.

Curious, since they already have all of my payment information as well as order history.

That bit about asking for my bank statement is beyond suspicious.


Let's be honest, there's no "gf"....and the "long wong" you ordered wasn't from a restaurant, but instead a massage parlor....

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