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I ordered for the first time from Doordash, and the driver STOLE MY FOOD. I placed my order at about 9pm.

The Doordash page popped up, letting me know my order should be delivered by 9:58pm, and that it was "received by restaurant". At 9:13pm, the page switched, asking me how my order went, and to rate it and the food. I jumped up thinking my food was there already (it was from TacoBell, 2 minutes from my house...but my car was in the shop, hence ordering food), only to be greeted by darkness. I waited for 10 more minutes, thinking the site was wrong.

I contacted Doordash's chat window, and their customer service was surprisingly helpful. She (Pennylaine B.) tried to find me another driver, and then gave me a call to explain the nearest driver was 11 miles away, and would not take my order. I asked if my order had been picked up, and she said yes. She then proceeded to tell me she did not want to "speculate", but that the driver probably had an "emergency".

I'm sorry...but how can you have an "emergency" during a 2 MINUTE DRIVE? I am not exaggerating. The Tacobell is right around the corner. I should have risked walking!!

Also, why take the food...and not say anything?? "Pennylaine" even tried calling the driver, and it kept going to voicemail...hmmmm...."Pennylaine" did refund me my money and gave me a $5 credit...which I won't be using. I also found it funny that once I started questioning what happened, she dropped her helpful tone VERY quickly, offered me the refund and ushered me off the phone. I didn't bother checking how safe Doordash is, because who would BE DUMB ENOUGH TO STEAL THE FOOD THEY WERE DELIVERING???

I read Yelp reviews, and apparently, it happens all the time.

I don't know where they find their "Dashers", or how they survive so many refunds, but it is astonishing. Learned my lesson to always check ratings first!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

DOORDASH Pros: That i may receive a refund.

DOORDASH Cons: Having my order stolen, Not receiving what i paid for, Excuses made for the dasher, Failed delivery, Being scammed.

Location: 5534 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630, USA

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Funny I average 400 a week working around 30 hrs not sure how that is a job you never make any money from, maybe you just suck at a simple delivery job. Maybe delivering newspapers or running a lemonade stand is more your style.


Lol... you must be bad at it then cause I make good money doing it and I don't steal food... js...


Just had my food jacked by either the driver or a neighbor.


This happened to me too.


It's all about the money!


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