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worst way to lose $100 in my life. driver didn't call me and doordash has policy that they take your item and your money if you don't respond in 10 minutes. i don't check my email every 10 minutes doordash $$holes.

i am done with doordash, i was gonna start pissedconsumer myself, then i found it's here, so vola, here goes my *** experience.

what's wrong with the doordash founders, $$holes, could have returned my food to restuarant, i could have picked it from there.

driver doesn't pick up the phone, as they got free food for the night. wish hitler had taken over the world and neutralized these founders of doordash.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

DOORDASH Cons: Missing items, Failed estimated arrival time, Poor customer service.

  • dishonest
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Who orders food and doesn't expect it? You didn't notice your food was 5 minutes late?

If I order some lunch I have my nose pressed to the window 10 minutes before the time they gave me drooling on myself. Drivers shouldn't have to bang on your door for 10 min because you're "busy".

Half the time people don't have the right phone number in their account either. I have no sympathy.


As a dasher, I have gone out of my way for everyone. I communicate when the restaurant is late finishing an order or im stuck in slow traffic, i call to get their choice on replacement items when items run out.

I provide cimplimentary candy and present myself professionally. This is apart of my income to survive so i take it seriously. Unfortunately even after all that, you still have customers that turn around and rate you 1 or 2 stars for things out of your control which you've already politely informed them of or they made a personally judgement against you and rated you based on that. It directly affects your account standing...

So after close to a year of dashing, I still do everything the same but at this point, I could care less if you miss the window of retrieving your food, or get your refund. The customers are the true *** and they deserve it.


Shutup you ***! Do you even realize what an offensive statement you made using Hitler?

Do you even have a clue who Hitler was and what he did? I felt bad for what happened to you until I read your Hitler comment.

Now I am glad you got deserved it!!! You are the $$hole!!


Door dash is the worst company I have ever worked for. The red cards hardly work.

The pay suck the customer service line suck . It is not worth it.

The customers are rude I hated that job. The company is disorganized


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