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So tonight after waiting for about an hour to get my sandwiches, I watched on the app as the driver entered the neighborhood. Never arrived but app said order completed.

So I texted driver, who said that no one answered & she left it on doorstep. I told her I was standing on my doorstep & asked her where she delivered it. She then asked me my address, which irritates me because she obviously had it. She then claims she delivered a block away & maintained the app gave her the wrong address.

I sent her a screenshot of the address the app is showing. She was not apologetic & didn’t offer to make it right. She then accused me of entering the wrong address, despite my screenshot showing otherwise. I told her to go get my damned food & she told me that I’d better watch how I talk to her & that since I gave her the wrong address(is she illiterate or just a dumb thief) I could go get the food myself.

Then told me she was reporting ME to DoorDash for being rude (yep, it’s so rude to buy her & her friends/family a free dinner AND pay her to eat it). DoorDash said they’d refund me within 5-7 days. Why should they take my $ instantly but then take their sweet time returning it? When I pay $35 for 3 freaking sandwiches AND have to wait an hour just to see it “delivered” elsewhere, I want it resolved immediately.

I put delivered in quotes because the house she claimed to deliver it to us unoccupied & for sale.

And there was no food delivery on their porch. I hope this thief (Aundrea K) needed the food more than my family did & that it was a blessing to her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I am so sorry as a driver myself that that happened to you the a real issue is doordash has has cut into drivers pay with gas high and given a guaranteed Dollar Plus stealing part of her tips I think some of the drivers are doing it on purpose to get back at doordash I'm sorry that you're an innocent bystander. Who is getting stiffed drivers are also getting stiffed they say it's their overhead what about are overhead these people need to be turned in to Department of Labor and audits need to be done so everybody it's a transparent view or where the money's going. As a driver I would never take it out on my customers it's not fair to them.


The grammar's bad above because I'm using my microphone and don't fix it pardon my grammar but you get my gist of the situation. As I said it's not fair to the drivers it's not fair to the customers it needs to be fair for everyone so everyone gets something out of the deal that's how business works.


To be honest something the door dash app is way off in terms of directions. And the map you see is different from the drivers map.


Do you know what is funny. You are complaining about rude behavior, yet you were rude yourself.

Saying "Go get my damned food was very rude of you. What would your mother say if she heard you behaving like this? Or perhaps your mother did not raise you right and you think it is acceptable to act this way? You were rude when you said "Get my damned meal" Maybe you don't know that because mommy did not teach you manners.

That must be it. Had she taught you manners you would have know that that is what she meant by being rude. She was not saying you were rude for buying her family and friends a free meal.

I you think this way you are obviously an imbecile. If you are being sarcastic, then you are rude because obviously mommy failed to raise you right.


I know this post is old but hush. She just got her food stolen.

Her frustration is actually not as rude as she should have been. I hate thieves more than anything and you sound like one.

Justifying the actions of someone who stole the food she paid for. SMH


You really need to watch how how you talk. How would your mother feel if she knew you rude and disrespectful you were?

Or maybe she did not raise you right. You were rude.


I mean I think the point being is that the person who paid for a service did not get the service rendered and then to be accused of lying about an address that was on the app itself could make the most polite quite perturbed I can understand the frustration that she must have felt and imagine if that was the only money she has and that was to feed her children and this dasher just didn’t want to make it right