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I ordered a meal from DoorDash I waited patiently for that order to be delivered watching for when the order was picked up as soon as I noticed an order was picked up I watch the driver drive the complete opposite direction from my house I live on at max five minute drive if that I can walk there in 10 minutes and as I watched a drive further and further cross the state line I finally sent her a text on the app asking why she was in Cincinnati Ohio when I lived in Newport Kentucky which is three blocks away from the restaurant. When I didn’t get a response I called the customer support number online the person on the phone told me that occasionally the app has glitches that’s what he tried to sell me on the first place and then he’s like would you like me to contact your driver and figure out where they are at this point the app and said she’s already driving back crossed the state line but OK go ahead and can’t figure out why she went to the wrong direction and then he comes back and says that you have another order to deliver OK why would you go to the restaurant then drive 20 minutes away from the intended house to deliver to you and then drive back.

When the restaurant is literally a couple blocks away and then to make amends for the mistake he said he can give me $1.50 credit when it cost like $1.99 just for the delivery fee , tip $3.61 tip and a service fee $2.93 (what a joke) so in the end I pay $39.63.

The credit offered was not worth the horrible food that I received and when I told him that if it was gonna be cold and soggy he told me to call back if it was and I said what is the point in calling back you won’t even helpful in the first place. Worst service ever mainly the contact support line was horrible

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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