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When I told her she could not park in that parking spot it's assigned to my husband we live in a condominium, and we own it, and we have two spots that are ours and anybody that comes into the property has plenty of parking spot it's not covered all the cars covered parking spots are assigned to people who owned the units I was getting some out of my car and I said don't forget park where there is no over cover parking next time, and she says I don't care what you say, and then she gave me the finger, and she yelled at me and was so mean, and I just called the board members and I just called the management company about this, and I can't believe that she can't follow rules and is such a mean loud and definitely not a lady person this is sad that that is the only kind of drivers you can hire was delivering to 2730 Silver Creek Dr., #226 t Arlington, TX 76006

User's recommendation: Don’t use this service.

Preferred solution: Apology.

DOORDASH Cons: Delivery person rude.

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