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The dasher got the wrong sandwiches, forgot both sodas, and forgot both sides. Plus the sandwiches were horribly made and smashed. Whole order was effed up, the refund was very appreciated.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Stupid mother *** do you really think this is the driver's fault you *** moron?Your just power crazed cuz door dash gives you sometimes life to ruin by blaming/"rating"them.Steak and Shake is always crazy busy and they don't pay attention and get orders wrong all the time and the driver has no *** clue what is on the menu at what comes with the *** things in the menu doordash app does not list the things that come with the meals. Driver has to order and pay and it's not fast food so they got to sit there and wait so they can deliver your *** food for $5.


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