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I have been using door dash for my Walgreens purchases for the past week or so and it has been a nightmare. In the beginning, I was having almost every item I ordered, marked as out of stock I went to the store because I had to see for myself if this was true.

Sure enough it was not. I bought two mascaras, because it was buy one, get the other 50% off. But because of door dash messing up my orders, I didnt get several discounts. Here lately, my orders have been incorrect each time.

It is always the same few dashers. Young and too lazy to look for the correct items. I have photo proof of all mistakes.

I cannot even report it in the app anymore because they have messed up so many times. Their mistakes are not my fault!

User's recommendation: Don’t expect what you have paid for, to be what ya get!

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

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You call these people too young and lazy when you're clearly too OLD and lazy to shop for yourself. LMAO. Stop using the app and get your mascara in person from now on.

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