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The food I ordered from the Indian restaurant was really good. The driver was great and on time and friendly.

My problem is the Service and Tax Charge of $4.59, the delivery fee of $2.99, Service Fee$ of 5.78, to total$13.86 in FEES, not including the Tip of $9.43 (a tip I don't mind).

The FEEs was another 2 meals worth of food I could have ordered with and had two nights of meals. A $52.50 meal ended up costing me $72.30 which I think is ridiculous and I won't order from them again. Lesson learned. I will go back to or another site that doesn't charge and rip you off like this company does.

They are so sneaky at adding in the fees that you really have to pay attention to every detail with them.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM DOOR DASH. The Indian Restaurant I will order from since the food was great.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Over $13.00 in Service and Delivery Fees. A Ripoff.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Yep! A burger and a salad and cup of soup cost me 49 bucks last night


6.99 delivery fee- 5.38 service fee-4.00 tip to bring thai food 2 miles to my house. Understand they have to make money but to charge me over $16.00 seems ridiculously high. I removed the app from my phone.


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I agree Door Dash has gotten way too expensive. I thought it was just me.


By the way, on top of these fees, they upcharge the ENTIRE MENU by about 20%! If you walk into the restaurant or look at a menu online, everything is cheaper.

thats FOUR FEES not including the tip.

Also if your driver is an *** to you, congrats, you tipped them anyway! thats 5 fees!

@also pissed off

Correct, *** doordash


totally agree.. I was shocked to find a entree with chipotle costing $6.56 was going to cost me $16 and some change BEFORE tip.

That's absurd.

$10.00 in fees when the restaurant is less than 2 miles away? What a joke didn't order.