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I work in a good service business where doordash picks up. First let me start by saying oh disrespectful most of the drivers are.

They walk in and interrupt you while you are cashing out your dinning guest. Like they are Jesus himself and everyone should drop to the ground and praise them for coming in to get a to go order. If the food is not ready they stand there and stare at you through the glass like they are expecting you to do some kind of trick for them. There is one driver in particular name Natasha That is beyond inconsiderate and rude when she speaks to speaks at you not to you.

As if you are beneath her. I was helping one of our dine in guest cash out and she proceeded to speak over him as if he were invisible. I asked her to please go sit on the bench until the order she was there to pick up was ready. She once again began to talk over my guest I was helping.

I then asked her to go sit down it’s not ready she proceeded to roll her eyes and give a disgusted sigh.

When the order was ready I handed it to her and said to have a good day and she ripped the bag from my hand and stormed out the door! Awesome ppl skills that one has!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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