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Today I ordered lunch on doordash at 10:07am to make sure that I received my food when my break started at 11:00am. I received a cancellation email at 11:04am saying that the restaurant is closed and that they will refund me my money and credit me 5.99 as well.

A little upset but I had to rush and order another meal so I placed another order from another restaurant at 11:08am. Received another cancellation email at 11:44am that the restaurant is closed and that I will get a refund with 5.99 credit towards my next order. I realized that I would not eat lunch today because my lunch break ended at noon but curious on the refund and the credit, I called customer support. Their tone was very "you'll get your refund, you'll be fine" When I asked them about the credit, they said that they didnt see such an email.

They went into a tone of disbelief like I was making a story up to get free credit. I was not asking for a credit, I just received an email saying they will credit me.

Why should I feel like I am lying to them if they are the ones lying about a credit that didnt happen? If I could report this as a scam, I would.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DOORDASH Cons: Lying and unresponsive manager, Mailed promo deal not honored.

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They are always claiming a restaurant was closed when it wasn't. Or that there was an emergency at the restaurant, when the simple fact is, they screw their drivers as often as they screw their customers, so when they have no driver to make the delivery, they lie.

You can call the restaurant directly and they will be open and no emergency has caused them to close. Pretty funny actually. Why do they wait an hour before claiming a restaurant is closed? Why lie when they know a simple phone call will prove they have lied?

Very unethical company. The should be shut down.


Be careful with those credits. Everytime they screw up, which is pretty on every order, they issue credits.

After issuing you credits for THEIR MISTAKES, they will deactivate your account due to credits issued.

Additionally, keep a close eye on whatever credit card you used and do not be surprised if you see transactions from a different country. This is a very unethical company engaging in very dubious/illegal business activities.


Same thing happened to me today


I know how you feel. They made me feel like I was putting them out and causing them to do their job by placing a carry out order.

Rude *** trash.

I just worked ten hours and the last thing I needed was a rude *** girl waiting on me!! Never again.


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