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Simply put, Doordash is horrible. I ordered a lunch for an executive I work with around 11 -- expecting it around 12:30.

No show -- and I was sent multiple messages saying that my meal was in progress and it was being picked up and delivered. Nothing. About an hour past the time it was due I get a message that it's been delivered but that was a lie. I send a message to Doordash customer service about this and I do get a call quickly -- but I think that's a rarity.

I can't believe this place doesn't have a customer service number available to people. The woman who calls me gets my facts and puts me on hold -- 10 minutes later she comes back to the call to tell me that it was a mistake --that the restaurant I ordered from does not deliver at lunch and that I'm basically screwed. I go to the website and see that this is not at all what is posted about this restaurant -- and that in fact -- they are still accepting orders, at least according to the posting. So -- no food --- and it's been 2 hours since I ordered the food and the executive is without a lunch.

And I look ***. Very, very bad. The customer service woman says she'll give me credits as a "sorry" -- they ended up putting $5 of credit in my box. Can you believe that?

A missed lunch and I barely get enough credit to cover tax and tip. It was a $40 order. The only plus is that I got my money back earlier than they said (which was a 3-5 day estimate). I wrote them a note at their "feedback" about how poorly I thought they performed -- no response other than the bot response that my suggestion had been received.

I even got an email asking me if my problem was resolved. I sent them a note back saying NO -- it wasn't...and still -- no response. So -- 2 weeks later, I decide to go ahead and give them a second chance and to use my measly $5 credit for a lunch. There is no code or way to use the credit -- it's just sitting there and with no explanation about how to use it.

One more email to them, enumerating how many times they failed on this customer service issue elicits a quick email response telling me that the credit automatically comes off -- which it did not. You have to enter it. They think they're done because they refunded my money and threw me a $5 credit. Idiots -- All of them.

So -- i warn you to use these guys at your own risk. They stink. And you cannot get ahold of them if they mess up your corporate lunch. You're left hoping someone gets back to you.

At least Grubhub, another stellar service, has a number. i'm done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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