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In early June, I made a Doordash order around 10:00 on a Saturday so I could stay in. No problems with the order itself.

But 2 days later, on a Tuesday near midnight someone began ringing my doorbell, knocking loudly and demanding that I let him in. It was my Saturday night Dasher, who has made unauthorized use of my building's code to return to my apartment. Multiple emails and I've received no response from the company on this violation of privacy and safety.

Oh, except on my 3rd contact they did send a canned response saying they would offer free delivery since there was a problem wth my order. I refuse to work with them ever again, if I can't trust that they will respond to workers who break rules, or out customers at risk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Be glad, very glad you did not let this person in. No surprise DD gave you a bogus/scripted reply without acknowledging the serious of this infraction.

The company cannot be trusted.

The door dashers cannot be trusted. If I were you, and even tho this incident was just in the past week, I would call 911 and have a police report filed and I would also file legal action against DD. If thats too much for you, you should at least file a police report, which DD will get a copy of.

A Guy you dont know, working for a very sketchy company with a very long and very established history of fraudulent/illegal activities (dont believe it..this is a fact! )....Harasses you and attempts entrance to your home....Do yourself a favor....get a police report on file as quickly as possible.

It doesnt take long to do and may save your life. Anybody attempting to gain entry to your residence, no matter the reason, should be taken seriously......Very seriously.

DD does not and will not take it seriously. However, you should ASAP....


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