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I placed an order at 11PM for Tatsu Ramen with an expected ETA for 12:20PM as indicated on my emailed receipt. My driver, Michael, texted me at 12:18AM indicating that the restaurant has not confirmed my order. I'm not sure what that meant (because the app tells me that my order was prepared) but I asked if he needed anything from me. I sent a screenshot of my receipt just in case, and requested an update at 12:52PM since I didn't hear back from him.

He told me that that he was having a conversation with his manager, and I requested for him to put me in touch with him. He said he had no idea how I can contact support from my end.

I decided to take the matter in my own hands, called Tatsu (the receipt doesn't tell me which location), and ended up reaching the one on Melrose, as I thought it would make sense since I live on Hollywood Blvd. They had no history of my order, and advised that I reach out to the Sawtelle location.

At this time, it was already 1:10AM. The server told me that my order had been ready since 12:30PM, and the driver never arrived to pay for the order. I asked for him to cancel my order entirely.

I am very frustrated because it's now 1:18PM (2 hours + 20 minutes later), my late dinner plans became no dinner at all, no update and there was no easy way for me to contact customer service in real-time for support or immediate resolution. I tried the live chat option, but there was no response. I finally able to find your email address so I can share my feedback with your team.

It's not the customer's job to reach out to the driver, then restaurant, then your support team for an update, and I'm very disappointed as this was my first time using your service. You've lost my trust as a customer, and until delivery operations are optimized and fixed, I will not consider your service anytime soon.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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