San Jose, California
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Got food from Willow Street . Came within an hour -peak time on a rainy Friday night.

Hot and complete order . We added $5 to the std tip. The delivery fee is for the company, the std tip barely , if at all, covers the car expenses based on what i've read . Worth it to get hot and good food .

Frankly , the food was hotter then when we find parking and get it home . I like the many restaurant choices that Doordash offers.

We'll use again for sure .

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Glad your order was fresh and hot, that's what we like to hear! However, the delivery fee and tips go to the dasher.

Order total and fees all except the delivery fee and tip go to the company. Dasher gets the rest.


It's too bad the Dasher does not receive 100% of the tips like your company says they do. There are many Drivers that have proof of this Door Dash SCAM.

Just another way for the Door Dash company to Steal money from their driver force. They are doing it by the hundreds of thousands daily!!! Has Door Dash heard of RICO?

As in the RICO Act??? Mutherfuckers!!!!


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