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Dasher Delivered my food to wrong address. I just moved into my new apartment & put a digit in the address wrong, but had the correct apartment #.

She just delivered the food without confirming the name or apt #. There was no phone call or text message from the Dasher. I block private numbers, so if she did make the call... I didn't get it.

But still, she could have texted. Now I'm out $30, & I had to go to Taco Bell. Bad customer service & polices. If DoorDash wants dashers privacy protected, they should filter the calls thru an 800# so that phone # appears instead of the personal # of the driver, like Uber does.

I'm filing a complaint with the BBB & Consumer Affairs & disputing with my CC company. Never Again will I use this Service & I'm posting to Social Media FB, instagram & twitter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: I was ripped off.

DOORDASH Cons: Delivery service, Failed delivery, No food, Not able to resolve this issue.

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So, you gave the Dasher the wrong address and blocked her calls, but this is somehow her fault? You're a real piece of work.




Yeah, that's your fault not theirs.


The more people you tell about this experience the more dumb you look. Everyone will know that you are an adult and do not know your own address.


100 percent your fault since the address was wrong lol


You’re all idiots lmfaoooooo


I just received a DoorDash that wasn't mine. There was no way to contact DoorDash - tried.

Couldn't contact the restaurant either..left the food outside my door in case the driver came back....if they don't then the construction guys working on the apartment building will get a free lunch.

Feel bad for the person who ordered it though. I would've delivered to him but there was no apartment number on the order.....


6/19/21 after 8:30pm 2 Bubble Teas were delivered to my door. I was asleep as I work early mornings.

The next morning I went outside and saw a huge Red Gooey mess all over the floor just outside my door. I attempted to clean it up quickly but had to go to work, when I got home from work I spent 2 hours cleaning the Goo which had some sort of Red Dye in it. I called Door Dash as it was delivered by them. I never made any order, it was sent to me in error - different address - they stated someone from escalations was going to call me but never did.

I called back 3 days later, they tried to transfer me to a manager but none were available, then said a manager was going to call me right away and ended the call. This is the 2nd time they incorrectly delivered to my address in error. The 1st time I called to advise them, no harm done... This time they left me a big mess to clean up.


If I had dropped something off at Someone's home and it damaged their property, I'm sure they'd file Vandalism Charges. Still waiting for a callback.


Just had a door dash delivered erroneously to me . Called doordash 2 times to get info...i.need email or phone of person order meant for.


SO someone did not get their order today Valentines Day...oh and btw something was not in the order that was listed on teceipt... what a screw up!!


Dude, it was your mistake, you can follow your order and double check the address. Don't blame your driver.


Exactly its always drivers fault.....his so ignorant


Right don't blame the driver. Even though the driver messed up.


You didn't give the correct information if you put the wrong numbers then you deserve not to receive anyrhing


Door dash is the worst service as they keeps sending their drivers to my address when I have not ordered anything. There’s a bug in their system and they don’t take responsibility to fix it.

This has happened several times and I have filed a complaint to them , but they have not responded to a resolution and their coders obviously suck at their job. The orders are from other addresses within the complex, and I have even tracked 1 order and got their order number to prove to doordash that they are not putting the wrong address. This causes me frustration to answer the door for no reason and I do not want to be taking some one else food.

So for others who are complaining about orders going to the wrong address it probably Doordash’s fault and their stupid app that they cannot fix. I need others to complain to Doordash that this is a real problem.


Yes, this problem does exist. We live in a newer subdivision and we have had 5-6 orders delivered here that weren’t ours and that’s just in the last two weeks.


I got a package from Walmart yesterday dropped off at my door step the guy left before I could get to the door there was no receipt and I waited to see if he'd come back I asked the neighbors if it was theirs they said no what do I do


Customer taking no responsibility. Must be a younger generation that believes everyone else is responsible and thing they are entitled.

People complain the opposite direction that why do addresses have to be verified twice. There should be a BBB against customers too, not to do business with them.


You sound like an *** anyway


Lol yikes, Karen


Clearly the OP refuses to admit that the mistake was entirely caused by her. Sadly this is the state of our world.

Why take ANY responsibility when you can just blame everyone else. She put the address in wrong and the food got delivered to THAT address. It’s not on the dasher to waste time trying to figure out someone else’s screw up.

They deliver to whatever address is supplied by TOU THE CUSTOMER!! Trying to turn it around on them for your mistake shows a serious lack of maturity.


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