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Dasher Delivered my food to wrong address. I just moved into my new apartment & put a digit in the address wrong, but had the correct apartment #.

She just delivered the food without confirming the name or apt #. There was no phone call or text message from the Dasher. I block private numbers, so if she did make the call... I didn't get it.

But still, she could have texted. Now I'm out $30, & I had to go to Taco Bell. Bad customer service & polices. If DoorDash wants dashers privacy protected, they should filter the calls thru an 800# so that phone # appears instead of the personal # of the driver, like Uber does.

I'm filing a complaint with the BBB & Consumer Affairs & disputing with my CC company. Never Again will I use this Service & I'm posting to Social Media FB, instagram & twitter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: I was ripped off.

DOORDASH Cons: Delivery service, Failed delivery, No food, Not able to resolve this issue.

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She is a child. OR childlike.

She claims to be 59 but acts six. Mommy and daddy did not teach her to own up to her mistakes. She then calls other people stupid, when she cannot even put her own address correct.

Four year olds know their address. They may not know how to spell it but they know their address.


These people are right you imbecile. If you gave the wrong address it is up to you.

You can call me dumb ect.

but the face is YOU WERE WRONG. You are too immature to admit it.


Too bad your parents were not part of your life after 12. If they were they would have given you a good slap across the face for being an imbecile.


You cannot even spell simple words. You cannot construct a sentence with proper grammar and punctuation so do not give that BS about having a degree from Suny Broome State of NY,


Why not take responsibility for YOUR MISTAKE. GROW UP.


Terrika, don't you read, I just moved in that day and transposed a number & I had the correct apartment number, which with the given address didn't exist. The address I gave was not an apartment complex.

They should have called the store and ask them to call my phone to verify the address and not deliver my food to some unknown person. It's bad customer service plain and simple.

And I haven't needed my mother or father take care of me since I was 12 years old. (For 30 years) The point of this is customer reviews to report bad service, not to post retarded comments on other people's experiences, so mind your own business.


Don't you read. THe point is this was YOUR mistake.

When you post on a public forum EVERYONE can repl. I am sorry that I thought you were a child since you not only behave like a six year old, but have the mindset of one as well. You cannot even enter YOUR own correct address. I think it is you who is retarded.

You do not even know your address, and when you give the wrong information you blame them. This is why I thought that you were a child. You act like one basically. Also if you do not want people posting comments on your review then don't post it on a public forum.

You are stupid.

No wonder you do not know your own address. Someone benefitted from your being stupid.


So what if you just moved. Even six year old's who move know their address, phone, number ect. You are just an imbecile.


DoorDash is the WORST! They just delivered my food the the wrong house AGAiN!

I basically drew a map on how to get to my house.

Won’t be using them again. So irritating


If you put in the wrong address, that's entirely on you

@Pluma Bov

Better not tell this little girl that she is wrong. She is too retarded and immature to admit to being wrong.


DoorDash should have some option for people who get food delivered to them that they didn’t order. My husband accepted an order tonight thinking I had ordered it and then called to tell me my food had arrived.

I told him i didn’t order anything.

He ended up knocking on our neighbors doors to see if it was theirs. No one claimed it and there was no way for us to contact the driver since we didn’t order it.


Apparently, your entry of the address was incorrect so don't blame someone else for the mistake in delivery address. This can happen when you choose to order food to be delivered instead of going to an actual physical location to purchase food.

By the way, you compounded your mistake by going to a Taco Bell for who-knows-what kind of stuff they sell their instead of, say a McDonald's for real food. I hope you didn't use a debit card instead of a credit card.

@Machele Imf

Are you a Russian Bot? Apparently, they should confirm who they are delivering to, especially when the typoed address doesn't exist with my apt.

#. My mistake was a typo, & theirs was much worse. They allowed someone to steal my food. The people who accepted the food, should have said they didn't place the order.

I gave instructions on how to get to my apartment, so don't comment on stuff you know nothing about. Mind your own business! In addition, I just moved into my apt & had the week from *** it was late & we wanted delivery, hence, a delivery service. That was some moronic statement you posted.

I happen to like Taco Bell on occasion. So if you can't refund my money, again mind your own business & ***

@Machele Imf

Once again the OP is an adult but has the mindset and maturity of a six year old. You can tell her she is wrong until the cows come home, but she is too much of an imbecile to admit she was wrong.


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