I ordered from a restaurant that I have ordered from using DoorDash several times. This time it was a catastrophe.

The food came crisp burnt and cold. I kept getting updates from the DoorDash her that she was approaching my door but it took another 25 to 30 minutes to actually approached my door.. I asked the door dash lady why she was late as i called the restaurant to find my food and was told it was given to her - at that time 30 minutes ago. It took her another 15 minutes to make it to my house.

I live a mile away. She lied and said she just picked it up 5 minutes ago and that the kitchen had made her run late making my order.

I was issued a credit for the purchase of the food not the tip from DoorDash to my DoorDash account.

However when I called the restaurant to complain because it was a DoorDash order they did not care at all and hung up on me. To find the number for doordash to call was a bit time consuming as in the app it isnt obvious and one must hunt for it.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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