Incomplete order delivered. Missing food items and utensils.

Food portions actually delivered were some of the worst ever served. Its illegal in Texas to pass off such trash as the state food!!! I called red hot and blue, and was informed that since the purchase was made through door dash they were not responsible and door dash would have to do the refund. Very poor service and extremely poor customer service.

The fried okra was black and oozing of grease as was the green beans. I cant comment on grandmas potato salad as it never arrived. As for the ribs just plain disgusting unless you are into fat only thats been slathered in flat Flavorless powder. Next we attempt to contact DoorDash without success.

The end result is hours of wasted time with nothing to eat and my pockets $50.00 litter. One of the worst experiences one could not even imagine: Sad

Location: Carrollton, Texas

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