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I was an almost daily customer of Doordash throughout 2020 through July 2021. Initially, this was a great service for me.

I was working from home because I was undergoing breast cancer treatment at the start of the pandemic. I'm in my early 40's and am a widow. Doordash was a safe way for me to order food if I didn't feel like cooking. I rarely go out due to my immune system being destroyed by chemo and radiation.

The service progressively got worse. Doordash would allege the were refunding my card, but that NEVER happened. I now only accept Doordash credits. The final straw was this week.

Back in the office, I ordered lunch. The dasher called to tell me my order wasn't paid for. I checked my account and there was no issue. The dasher was insistent, told the restaurant she was entitled to $5.50 of what I paid.

She told me that if I wanted my order, I would have to pay her cash! I hung up on her. I received the usual text messages from Doordash indicating my order was in the works, the dasher was on the way, etc.

Then next thing I know, the Dasher stormed into my office and threw the bag containing my salad, at me. Better me than my Paralegal.

She said Doordash hadn't updated the restaurant prices. I asked her if she realized she had just tried to scam me and told her to look at the door. I'm a name partner in a small law firm. Another attorney saw her throw my order at me, and he called the police.

Doordash never contacted me to advise of an issue. She was gone before the police arrived, but we had pictures and her tag number.

I called Doordash after speaking with the police to provide them with the police report number and advised the report would be available on Monday, August 2, 2021. They refunded the cost of the order in dash credits, and $5 for the "inconvenience". Assault is an "inconvenience".

Sure. The dasher is a liability, a scammer and dangerous. What would she have done if I had been alone or wasn't able to physically defend and protect myself? What about customers who cannot protect themselves?

I was furious, extremely concerned about other customers who will come into contact with this dasher.

They don't care. I contacted their legal department and hope they actually do something. Customer service is compromised of people from a different country who don't seem to understand the seriousness of this. The dasher hit me hard when she threw the bag containing my order at me.

Im not a weak woman, but I wasn't going to hit her back. I have an angry bruise and didn't eat the salad. The dasher is clearly unstable and could easily tamper with customer's food and drink.

I encourage people that have had issues with doordash that are serious, i.e. fraud, violence, contact the Attorney General's office consumer protection department, the FTC, your bank or credit card company, the BBB, and if there's violence, the police.

You can help prevent someone from serious harm.

Also, if you order grocery delivery from Walmart, they use doordash for delivery. If you dont receive your order, if it arrives in an untimely manner which makes cold and frozen foods unsafe, call Walmart directly. They will make it right. I had a delivery and the dasher got lost.

He didn't speak English, wouldn't answer his phone when I called or when the store called. He is no longer used by the store.


User's recommendation: Use a different delivery service. Doordash isn't worth it. I'm only giving doordash one star because zero stars are not an option.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Nothing will resolve this issue. Fraud and assault are more serious than a refund, apology. Doordash should reimburse me for the emergency room visit. .

DoorDash Cons: Company practices, Orders constantly being wrong, Wrong food or missing food all the time, Barely responding to emails.

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