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I read 200 reviews tonight and feel compelled to respond from a driver's point of view. I have almost 800 deliveries under my belt.

While I understand the frustration of poor customer service, non-deliveries, cold food, and wrong orders, I fortunately have always delivered complete (and correct) orders within the time promised. That being said, I have received orders from DoorDash an hour or two late (per the time displayed on my app), and picked up ice cold pizza due to getting the order late (from when the customer ordered and DD entered it into its system). I have told the customer in each case to contact DD to complain after showing them the time I received the order. Sorry, DoorDash, I am not going to take the blame for your inefficiency.

I must tell you, the customer, that we are not allowed to touch the food (we do not have food handler licenses) and depend on the restaurant to get the orders correct. Most of the time, the restaurant personnel is nasty when we ask that they confirm the order is correct. Therefore, the blame is misplaced on DD and the driver when it should land on the restaurants' shoulders. Fortunately, everyone I have delivered to received their orders.

Finally, we have no way to contact the DD customer support other than a very slow text. Then, we receive canned responses.

I wonder if customer support hires people without sufficient English skills. As a veteran of a number of tech companies in HR and legal roles, I am saddened that DoorDash depends on its shoddy software and poor customer service to operate its business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: That customers read my response .

DOORDASH Pros: Dealing with nice customers.

DOORDASH Cons: Blaming drivers for issue in app.

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This is true,I'm a driver and I approve this comment


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