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I came home to find a burger king bag with food and a drink that resembled a smoothie. The food was on the top stair a foot from the front door.

It's July and very hot and ants got attracted to the food. My house now resembles a Grand Central Station for ants. Thank you door dash on hiring illiterate idiots who can't read numbers. The delivery address was 126 he delivered to128, the houses are 0.2 miles apart and they are clearly numbered so it takes a special idiot to mistake the numbers.Not only did your driver deliver at the wrong house but managed to put me through an expense of hiring a pest control company to deal with ants.

And of course thank you for a night of no sleep because I had to squash ants all night.

I called 3 times only to be able to give you my complaint and be hung up on without even getting my name. As I am typing this I am on hold for the 4th time.

Preferred solution: Will find one eventually .

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