Well having Door Dash is very convenient, but here are my thoughts. You need to screen your door dashers in more detail.

I am a regular customer and 3 out 5 times very disappointed with the service. I have had runners leave the food on my porch because I have a cat, and others that where on the phone wile delivering. THEY dont really care about customer service. Of course they dont, they are just there to make a few bucks.

I understand that, but it gives your service a bad name, not to mention the restaurant. THE restaurant gives the least best service, because the bar is set so low. You need to be an asset to them, and form a partnership with each and everyone. Right now, from what I see, this is not a good strategy for any restaurant for you to represent them.

I hope this email reaches the top in your Company, so you can reassess your values, because you have an excellent opportunity in what you have. You just need to focus more on excellent customer service. Pay them more, be a springboard to young people to further their life's. there are always more young people that need a good start in life.

be a role model to send them on their way. That is how your Company will grow, and set an example for the the future.

Be a significant stepping stone? Carina Case Bornholm@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Location: Vacaville, California

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