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My husband is in KY working and Im home in wv. I Placed his order at 10:46p.

Delivery was supposed to be 11:18-11:28pm. I stayed on the phone with him to keep him awake since he just got off of a 16hr shift at the mine. Then I got a push notification stating dasher was on there was to store to pick up food. I got off the phone with him so he could watch for dasher.

He was so tired he fell asleep while waiting and he woke up at 1:00am and called me to ask if he missed his food. I get on the app to see its still at the huddle house. I call HH they told me 30 minutes after food was done they called DoorDash to let them know food was never picked up. DD said they would make it a priority delivery and someone would be right there.

Still no one showed to pick it up. HH cant do anything about a DD order other then let the customer pick it up. But at this point the foods been sitting there for over 2.5 hours! I call door dash to ask them to call HH and give them the okay to remake my husbands food for free and that he would pick it up himself.

After a while on hold the lady says she cant do that! She can only resubmit for dasher to pick up or credit my account. After having to demand my money back on my card and not in credit she finally did do it! Then I had to call HH and have the guy remake the food and my husband drive to go get it and repay!!

Freaking nightmare. Also what I think is *** is DD doesnt give the restaurant the customers phone number so the restaurant has absolutely no way to contact the customer if the dang dasher doesnt show up!!

I have attached the original receipt with order delivery time and the email with the time I got off the phone after getting refund. 10:46-1:15 waiting for food and he still didnt get to eat until almost 2am when they remade his food and he drove to get it!!

User's recommendation: Constantly watch your app to make sure to ur food is being taken care of and not just sitting at the restaurant getting cold!

Location: Fairmont, West Virginia

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