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Your GPS for my location is wrong. I've told you guys this before and nothing has been done.

You guys have me pinned in the wrong location that's on the other side of a huge complex. By the time the Dasher figures it out and I usually have to chance them down my family's food is cold plus hungry now! Fix this as well as your customer service issues with the phone.

I'm not a fan of cold BBQ and or having to run around our apartment complex tracking down a Dasher! That's not the service I paid for!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Doordash uses Google Maps. Doordash doesn't have you pinned in the wrong place.

Google Maps does. Not sure what Doordash can do to resolve a Google Maps flaw.


I’ve had the same issue with Dashers going to the wrong address as well even though it’s correct on Google maps and correct on the DD GPS the customer sees. My street is not continuous and starts/stops in different areas.

The dashers would always go to a different part miles away. Most times, there was a language barrier and it was such a pain having to communicating the issue with the dasher.

The problem actually became more pravelent and not better so I finally had to stop using DD. Now UberEats is getting my business 5x a week.


This happened to me several times with them driving almost 2 miles past my address. I finally wrote a paragraph under the delivery notes section. That resolved that issue, there are still many others with this service.


My first question would be why you continue to use and app that you’re so unhappy with. Kinda stupid on your part, no?


Hoping that a such a wonderful idea of a concept will eventually get it right.


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