Elkridge, Maryland
Not resolved

Yesterday I had to place a order for a customer at Taco Bell. I ordered the food for the customer and confirmed that It was placed.

Once the food was ready I confirmed that it was done and the GPS gave me the wrong address to deliver the food. While on the road the customer was trying to call me to notify me that the address was wrong but I couldn’t answer the phone while driving. When I get to the location I look at my phone and find out at the wrong place by calling the customer. The customer then gives me her correct address and before I head over I try contacting help support and I don’t get a response.

So even though I have traveled 10 miles in the wrong location and have to travel another 10 miles to get to the customer I decide to complete the order. I spoke to an agent today about the issue and hopefully I will be getting compensated for my time and mileage.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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