Carlsbad, California

They deliver food from restaurants that will NOT deliver. If they want to pretend they are the customer to order and pick up my order, I don't particularly care. As long as I get it in the end I think i can live with that.

Now, as to the fees they charge for that service: It is a business and they have to make money somehow. They have drivers to pay and other expenses. This service is a commodity, NOT a necessity. If you don't want to pay for it, go get the food yourself.

NOTE: I just received my order from Panda Express. It was right on time, I got live updates from website and through text, a contact number for the driver, his name, and everything I ordered was exactly as I ordered it.

Reason of review: EVERYTHING ABOVE(maybe not the warranty? I dont know if it applies?).

DOORDASH Pros: Delivery driver followed instructions to a t.

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