Augusta, Georgia
Not resolved

Well I called on Monday and I talked to a guy who then told me I would receive a payment with in 48 hours and it’s friday now and I have not receive a payment yet!! I called back today and now this lady Carla told me she could not reach the people for me about my money nor was her supervisor because they were not there yet!!

I work for y’all and I would like not to be lied too!! I’ve not yet receive a payment for 3 order I got sent and could not do because y’all were having app issue again not my fault that was on y’all and yet I’ve to waste my gas and time away from my kids to do things for free for y’all!!

I don’t think it’s right and y a lot of people are going to other company we’re they do get paid regardless if they have orders or not because again we still waste gas by sitting somewhere waiting on orders because gas still burn out when u sit somewhere !! So I would like my money that y’all said I would receive in 48 hours on Monday !!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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