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The fast pay wasnt working on October 11 for me. So I let door dash know they said dont worry it will be deposit in your account.

I told them its not fair but ok Ill wait. Now today is October 25 and still no money in my account. I explained to them that the name on the account is wrong and that my bank said they see then trying to send the money but my bank said they will not accept it because the name on the account dont match records. Everyday I call door dash and explain this to them and they keep saying were going to escalate the the case everyday I call they say the same *** Its hard to speak to a manager for some reason they have to get off the phone with you and have a manger or whoever call you back very strange.

I emaile support my ID and answer all questions they had and still they even say were going to escalate this case everyday same *** but nothing gets done. They owe me $82.00. This company is running a scam . Im frustrated and when I call they have the nerve to tell me to be patient.

I been patient since October 11 how long do I have to be patient until next month ? Im considering filing a class action law suit against them. I think Im going to make a YouTube account discussing how door dash did me and others wrong so the world can see this and hopefully shut this company down. I hope our next president elected shut this company down.

I must have attempted over 20 times to update the account information and it doesnt allow me to this been going for for over 2 weeks now since October 11 mind you. They make it seem like they cant do it from there end. I explained this to them over 100 times weather it was by phone call or by mail or

By text on app and they still cant find a way to resolve the solution. Everytime I call in they actually say my name.

But when I tell them how is it you know my name but see that the name on the account dont match. The car is in my name the insurance is in my name THis phone is not in my name. They have the nerve to say your name pops up thats a lie because the phone is in my brother name we just have the same last name but different first names.

So this scam they running is hurting people lives. I wish president trump would look into this company wrongdoings.

User's recommendation: Get you a good lawyer because these guys need to have this scam shut down.

Monetary Loss: $82.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Cons: Customer service on the app, Horrible customer experience.

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