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I have become very concerned this week for the people that you send out to any place any where. My concern is that you up your age limit for the safety of teens.

This is a very popular job with teens and young adults. My concern is whether you allow them to not continue the delivery if they feel they are in any danger. You have no idea who you might be sending them out to. This is a crazy world and there are monsters out there.

What sort of security measures do you allow. Some teens are not so aware as others.

All week I have been thinking about this, just had to bring it to your attention. What kind of responsibility do you take or not take in case something happens.

Reason of review: safety of teens and young adults.

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First, this site is not monitored by DoorDash. It's a general complaint site.

Second, you have to be 18 to work for DoorDash so while technically a teen still an adult. Lastly, doordash requires you to pay with a credit, debit or PayPal. Sure, someone could use a prepaid card without identifying information with the intent of committing a crime but they still be pretty *** because the authorities would go strait to the delivery address they used. DoorDash drivers don't carry cash so robbing them is out of the question.

DoorDash won't even finalize an order unless it's paid for so the possibility of a dasher being robbed for the food is out too. I just can't think of a situation where someone working for DoorDash would be in any more danger than someplace else.

Heck, even if a 16 year old could work for DoorDash (they can't) I'd be more concerned about my teenager working at a fast food joint. Those places get robbed all the time.