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I used Doordash 3 times. Tried to use more, but the website usually does not work.

The last time, I was able to add an order. However, my order was never delivered. Nobody contacted, nothing! I simply waited there like a fool (hungry).

My card was charged $36, which included the tip to the driver and the fee. After my complaint, the customer service contacted by email saying that I was going to get a $26 store credit! I told them I didn't want a store credit and that any credit should be on the full amount I paid, not $10 less! The guy didn't even answer my email.

It's unbelievable. I will never use this service again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

DOORDASH Pros: Choice of restaurants.

DOORDASH Cons: Customer service, Missing items, Told me the driver picked up the order and it didnt.

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Also if I may...when I mentioned this might be the 3rd order they just received, what I mean by that is they just got batched with your order. They now need to go to 3 different restaurants at the same time.


2 miles does not insure you get your order quicker. You need to realize that it takes time to prepare the order (depending on how busy they are, whether they have all the items, and food prep) then it takes time for the dasher to get to the restaurant (this may be the 3rd order that they just received, who knows!), traffic etc...most of the time the dasher has to wait there for awhile for the order to be ready...again based on business of the in store customers, then time to get to you.

The address glitch does happen often, I think I got 2 calls and a chat today with that issue.

Hopefully the customer has ordered before so we can just look at previous orders for the correct address to give to the dasher. If not, then we SHOULD be calling the customer to explain the glitch and ask for the correct address so we can change it on the customers account and update the dasher with.


Restaurant only 2 miles from from my home but I thought I would give them a try. Worst experience ever will never use them again!!!


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