Lexington, Kentucky
Not resolved

I do have questions and concerns.

I spent 15 minutes attempting to make an order through your app to have food for 3 of my co workers and myself sent to our school. The total was $47.97. I placed this order before noon on 12-14. I had used this app once only the day before and everything went smoothly. I found it odd when I didn’t get a text from your company over the next 20 minutes like I did the day prior. So I call the restaurant at 12:08 that the order was supposed to be sent to through your app. Dyers Cafe said they never received an order from your app. I then got back on your app....and nothing. Still no texts or phone calls. I called the restaurant back at 12:25 bc again still nothing from your company. Dyers Cafe said they have been having many issues like this with your company. So I asked them who to contact and they said there is no number to contact you.

So we go without lunch and approximately an hour after I have placed an order on your app with no communication whatsoever.....a girl calls me saying “she is from your company and she just got to Dyers and they didn’t have our order Bc apparently your system was acting up” (at this point I already pretty much figured that out since it had been an hour later). I then proceed to to ask her who I can contact about this Bc we have no food and my account has been charged. She says “you know as much as me all I do is drive.” I asked for a number or way to contact you and she said there wasn’t one. Now very frustrated and hungry. I call back the restaurant. No food was given to your driver Bc the order was never put in.

I then try the only thing I can think of which is to call the number your automatic texts come from. I pressed 2 for customers and sat ImageImageImageImage

on hold for........33........Minutes! With NO answer! I then get an email hours later saying basically that it is my fault Bc I wasn’t there to pick up the food at my school office?!

1. There was never any food!

2. I spent a large portion of my afternoon trying to figure out how to contact you!

3. Your driver NEVER came to my building that did have the correct address mind you, called me an hour later to say I don’t have any food to bring you Bc there is something going wrong with our app.

4. Even though I got random “hours later texts” from the company saying this driver (who had already called to say there was no food Bc of your app having issues) was there with the order that was already stated wasn’t coming—-I still went to my front office and nothing.

5. Your automated email is pretty irritating after this entire fiasco as it acts like any of this was my fault. Especially when I respond to it bc it says to respond with questions and concerns and it then shoots me one back saying it’s not a contact method!

Your business needs tweaking and you need to open up a line of communication for situations such as this where there is no food, no driver brings it, and a card has been charged before you state it was a consumers fault and you will not be refunding them before being able to speak to the consumer Bc they can’t contact you with an issue. There were no services rendered and I am requesting and expect a refund. I have attached pictures for you to look at to see the situation. I also have a statement from the restaurant and your driver.

Please respond to let me know about my refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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