The last 2 times I used DoorDash they have messed up or didnt bring my food. The first time the switched my DoorDasher 20 mins into my order then finally a hour and a half later they dropped off my food.

I called and told them I dont want it and they wouldnt refund me and gave me a credit. Me and my kids had already had cereal since it said 10 mins to 15 for time. The second time I just wanted to use the credit so I ordered Popeyes they said order in and driver waiting to pick up. 15 mins later the send me a email order canceled.

No explanation. So I call customer service again.

The woman was telling me they closed which I responded why is it still up on your site at 1:30pm if thats the case. She offered me no apology or credits for their mistake so I am never ordering from them again.

User's recommendation: Don’t use them. Very unprofessional.

Location: New Baltimore, Michigan

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