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I want someone to call me. I can only speak about my issue on the phone.

I’m having trouble with scheduling and no one is helping me. No matter what I do I cannot see any kind of schedule for the last FULL WEEK other than 12:30-1am????!!!! For my areas, BOYNTON BEACH. What is going on?

I need to know. I have not been able to get on the schedule for anytime at all because of this issue. I already had 3 shifts scheduled from last week before I noticed this issue so I’m working this weekend but I want more and I am ALWAYS able to look ahead several days and grab a decent 3-5 hour shift and I haven’t been able to do that for almost a full week???!!!! It seems ever since the update on the app.

What is the deal? I know something is going on because I’m a dasher and I’m on the app all the time and I always schedule my dashed ahead of time and the whole schedule for BOYNTON BEACH is different now. You are not giving us any way to get scheduled ahead of time?! What is going on?

Don’t tell me nothing. I know something is different. I have already troubleshooted. I deleted the app 2 times and I followed all prompts for troubleshooting.

I also did my iOS phone update and deleted and re-downloaded the app AGAIN and that didn’t do anything. I want someone to admit to me they are putting out the schedule differently because that is what I’m

Experiencing. Also, the new updates on the app showed me 3 screens when I signed on that talked about the updates to the scheduling but it didn’t allow me to see details and I don’t understand. I need someone to walk me through this.

You have a good dasher here that’s works hard and I have been a dasher for over 3 years and I need help. Someone should be helping me. We really need a phone help line. This is unacceptable!

How do you expect us to contact you when all we can do is email and wait for a response and then it’s a robotic response with a form letter about troubleshooting??!! I need more!

Please have someone HELPFUL get back to me!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

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It's super easy to call the company do you you not know how. Maybe on Android it's different than Apple but on Android you can call them basically anytime