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I sat at a customers apartments for over 15 minutes. She didnt answer her phone or respond to my text messages.

I then contacted support we set a timer for 5 minutes and still no answer couldnt find the customer. Your best solution was to leave it at the door or with someone else's door and send a picture. So I took it upon myself to walk around her apartment complex and find the customer which I did. Guess what her response was to me my bad I am so upset right now.

I just stop Dashing for the day. I work hard and try to be on time with my orders and be polite and respect the customers wishes.

I feel like this was money wasted for me. I probably could have done more orders but instead I sat and walked around looking and waiting for a customer who obviously has no curtesy for me or my time.

User's recommendation: If you live in an apartment complex be very detailed with your drop off directions.

Location: Riverside, California

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