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I have used them for work (where since its not MY money used to get lunch I'll take the risk -- and to be sure there is RISK associated with using them) and they get it right about 80% of the time. Last Friday, though, I used them for my personal life.

Mistake #1..... When I ordered from a local pizza place it went through immediately. The delivery time also changed immediately. No biggie, I wasn't in THAT big a hurry.

I got a call from the driver after about 20 -30 minutes...they didn't have the kind of cookie we'd ordered for dessert. Fine, not a big deal, they had options. Nice. Well, to cut to the chase that was the LAST I heard from anyone about the order.

Time passed and not a call, text, tweet or smoke signal. Of course I know that calling (or attempting to call) DoorDash is impossible. They are hidden behind a fortress of bullsH!+ and know how NOT to get connected. So, I called the driver answer....not even vm.

I texted the driver....nothing. Finally, I called the restaurant, which had actually been closed for 15 minutes when I called. Someone answered and as soon as I started in, they mentioned me by name (!) They told me that the driver left with the pizza about 20 minutes ago or so!! This place isn't farther than 10 - 15 mins max!!

I thanked them and waited another 30 minutes. For nothing. Never got a PEEP from the driver!! So my pizza disappeared into the night.

Of course I contacted DD via email and ranted as much as one can in writing. And, of course, I got the 3-5 days to get your money back routine. I went out for dinner....

Horrible. Just, horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DOORDASH Pros: Easy to use website.

DOORDASH Cons: Lack of follow through and poor customer service.

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