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I worked for Doordash for 3 weeks!

It was awful and they also fired me!!!

I would check in as usual I only did 25 deliveries in 3 weeks basically 7 of those were incomplete. The address would be wrong or I would get sent to the wrong location on maps or sent to a restaurant and another driver would be picking up the same order.

I was literally wasting my gas my time and it was costing me to drive for them. Also they fired me 3 days ago and they refuse to answer my emails and are telling me from the app that I have to wait to get paid. They are crooks. The people in the call center do not listen nor document anything properly. Even when I called about the issues I still got a low rating. The customers I had were always nice and I would apologize if I was late and they were not upset with me so my low rating was a lie. I told them to contact cs to get a credit or a refund if it was late. I would never recommend this company to anyone they are really tripping and it's just not worth the cost maintence on the vehicle or the feeling of being fired for things that we cannot control as a driver because the app is horrible and has glitches. I give them 10 thumbs down

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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